Here at DARCARS Nissan of Rockville, you can find many standout options. If you're looking to explore how you can be as efficient as possible with alternatives to a fully gas-powered engine, we can help you. We have choices that stand out and give you a chance to experience a hybrid or electric vehicle. So what are those options? We're here to explain.

You can still find a recent hybrid option as the 2019 Nissan Rogue Hybrid provides you with the quality features you've come to expect from the crossover, with its standout style, seating for five, plenty of room and an abundance of feature. The 2019 Rogue Hybrid nets you 176 horsepower with a 2.0-liter engine and electric motor combination which uses regenerative braking to ensure you're able to maximize fuel economy, with most estimates around 34-35 miles per gallon on the highway and over 30 in city driving situations or around town. It also has you covered with lots of standard safety, and provides an all-around quality drive with the added benefit of a electric motor to boost your efficiency.

The main option remains the 2020 Nissan LEAF. The electric car has long been a standout for those who are seeking an emission-free vehicle that suits their daily life from drives to the store to get essentials, to heading out of town, daily commutes and much more. How does the 2020 Nissan LEAF provide this level of confidence from its drivers? It's in what powers it, plus what you're getting in terms of amenities, too.

The LEAF is powered by the following options:

  • A 40 kWh battery with a 150-mile driving range and 147-horsepower
  • A 62 kWh battery with a 226-mile driving range and 214 horsepower

You're also going to experience quick responsiveness and wheel power thanks to both options having impressive torque numbers, which allows for the LEAF to accelerate quickly. You also can use a quick charging 480-volt or higher charger to get to 80 percent in around 30 minutes, while many people opt for a home charging option to charge their vehicle when they need to from the comforts of home.

Along with the power, the 2020 LEAF offers Nissan Safety Shield 360 on all its options giving you the likes of Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Intelligent Lane Intervention, and Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. You'll be plenty confident behind the wheel knowing all these systems work to keep you alert and safe on the road. There's plenty of convenience as well, with seating for five and ample room, you'll find heated front seats, split fold rear seats, a customized display and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ for connectivity.

All told, your options for electric and hybrid vehicles are here at DARCARS Nissan of Rockville for you to experience. They stack up against their competition, and are among the few available options out there that provide you with the quality drive you're looking for, especially the LEAF as an all-electric vehicle. To learn more, contact us today and we'd be happy to help you soon.